An analysis of the country in a diabolical state

This is a bit different for a few reasons. One of which was mentioned before.

An analysis of the country in a diabolical state

I have become increasingly convinced that, between leadership and the led, there is only a very thin dividing line, often nearly indistinguishable. There is no question in my mind that, most often, the so-called led are their own worst enemies, even to the point of self-betrayal and treachery to their own existence.

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It is therefore necessary to caution that when it comes to handshakes, a strong dose of discrimination is also to be recommended. There is no point attempting to shake hands with an amputee who had willingly thrust out both arms to embrace a machette-wielding lunatic.

You ask him, why did you do such a thing? But he knows we are from the same village. Those who organised this encounter hopefully bear that cautionary tale in mind, side by side with their motivations lodged in optimism. The theme in full speaks for itself, implicitly throws out a challenge for constructive thinking to a chronically improvident nation.

In other words, like hundreds of thousands, even millions of Nigerians abroad, they are in a position to forget totally that nation space called Nigeria.

Nevertheless, that entity exerts a pull on them, and a need to assure themselves of the survival of that portion of a natural entitlement that comes with birth. I see them mulling over the totality of that entitlement day after day, wondering if they can salvage something from, or contribute something to, what they see as an expanse of chronic wastage.

Perhaps they have also come to accept, and move to fulfill, a need for an anchor in some other place than their current abode, some other place that they can decidedly call theirs, so that if, at any time, they are made to feel, for whatever reason, merely tolerated, marginalized, subjected to abuse, denigration, collectively, even nationally or racially insulted, they can at least look outward and say, without any need to apologize for that alternative, that they have a place that will not turn them back, and on which they will not turn their backs when, on arrival, the condition they encounter provokes instant recoil, and their instinctive response is to do a one hundred and eighty degree turn screaming: Anything is better than this!

I wish to congratulate them — and their onshore partners — on the initiative. Even if the foregoing does not apply to them specifically, they are still performing the role of protagonists for such others I meet constantly in all corners of the world — I repeat, virtually any corner of the world — a massive capital of human talent, of which the home ground equally boasts.

They have been moved to act both intuitively and by analytical knowledge.

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I imagine that they have become progressively conscious of the fact that, outside a geographical space called Nigeria, they are merely birds of passage, however deeply rooted in their new living, working and leisure environment. They understand that every nation ultimately has — and may exercise — the right to decide who are their nationals by whatever parameters, and that such nations can repeal even the very rights that were conceded to them generations before, and for any reason that did not exist when they first set foot on foreign soil.

They do not even need to cite lessons from a Buddhist nation like Myanmar, so recently rescued from a brutal, dictatorial regime, embarked on a long denied democratic journey, which has taken to brutalizing its long entrenched minority moslem population — the Rohingya — who have known no other home but Myanmar.

Yet, in this very present, the year of the 70th Anniversary of Fundamental Human Rights, that nation has set in motion the process of de-naturalizing the Rohingya after a sustained spell of ethnic cleansing that earned condemnation around the world and the United Nations.

A government headed by the Simon Bolivar and Nobel Prize for Peace winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, former graduate of that famous British institution — the School of African and Oriental Studies, a prisoner of conscience — albeit under home arrest — for over fifteen years — has now embarked on the process of expelling — or, if you prefer — repatriating — the Rohingya from the only home they had ever known.

That government recently adopted the ploy of offering inducements to ensure that they are seen by the world to be leaving of their own accord.

I have concluded that we are speaking of a sizeable population of Nigerians, exercised by their own intelligence and sense of personal and racial dignity — with the national under question — who survey the wave of extreme nationalism sweeping over a Europe of the sea of Enlightenment, and sliding into fascistic resuscitation.

They have seen visible cracks in the reconstructive, post-Second World War opening out that brought a liberal European Union into being.

An analysis of the country in a diabolical state

I cannot conceive of any motivating factor less than a holistic, globally contextual self-seizure — let that expression serve us for now — a self-seizure in the originators of this conference. I refer to an awareness of self that is nurtured within the virtues of dignity, volition and the existential sense of security of belonging somewhere, even if located elsewhere.

It is that branch of human sensibilities that does not wait to be nudged into pre-emptive motions by ominous signs, such as — shall we say?Most articles on the recent death of madman Charles Manson opened by mentioning his role in the diabolical Tate-LaBianca murders.

was out of the country at the time. Charles Manson and the. Sep 21,  · ANALYSIS/OPINION: For the good of your country, Rod Rosenstein, step down.

If you have a shred of integrity left in you, if you still care about the law and justice as much as you claim, if . Instant analysis: Three impressions from the No. 17 UW Huskies' blowout win vs.

An analysis of the country in a diabolical state

Oregon State particularly the uphill 14 th and 16 th, which can have diabolical hole locations. When I was a kid. The Emperor and the Archbishop argue about the morality of accepting diabolical help in the battle and the size of the share of loot to which the Church is entitled.

The Emperor is forced to submit to the prelate's greedy demands because of the Church's great power.

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Again, let me pause and emphasize this: no state, absolutely no state in the nation is free from the plague of violence and homicidal maniacs. Some, however, are simply unlucky – in any case violence is, by nature, an exisrential – albeit predatory Handshake Across the All Borders.

The video at the bottom of this post is of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. It is a fascinating excerpt from a longer video he did, where he analyzes the diabolical (anything of or relating to the Devil), from several different perspectives.

Nov 25,  · BISHOP WILLIAMSON, “Diabolical Disorientation” FEMA CAMPS LOCATIONS BY STATE DO YOU HAVE AN ARTICLE, NEWS OR VIDEO FOR REVIEW? SEND ME AN EMAIL AT [email protected] I’m hoping he won’t come as we are no longer a catholic country following the abortion referendum. Outside forces incl Soros had a big part to. In both Iran and Russia, speculations are running high that the Islamic State (IS) militant group is a creation of the US. It is not unusual for the two countries to join hands to prop up Taliban. Ecuador’s president since May , Moreno shamefully transformed his country into a US vassal state, reversing Rafael Correa’s agenda. If reports by London’s Sunday Times, RT and the Intercept are right, Assange’s fate may be sealed.
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