Automatic depth control system for a

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Automatic depth control system for a

The system includes a Console and remote Controller mounted in the tractor cab, power beyond Valving, and Depth Sensors, either ground contact or non-ground contact, mounted on the frame of the implement. The depth sensing system is provided to sense the actual penetration of an implement tool by determining the height of the implement frame above the ground.

A circuit system is provided to receive the depth signal and to signal power beyond valving that will effect hydraulic corrections in order to maintain the select depth penetration.


Power beyond valving, incorporating function with either gear, pressure compensated or load sensing hydraulic pumps, is mounted in line with existing hydraulics to provide hydraulic depth selections in either automatic or manual modes.

Description of Related Art This invention generally relates to the inventions disclosed within U. Historically, the depth of tool penetration for agricultural equipment, or other soil penetration equipment, has been set by mechanical devices which restrict the retraction or extension of hydraulic cylinders.

The cylinder s is typically mounted between the frame of the implement and the leg of an implement carrier wheel. Thus, height of the frame above the ground, which determines tool penetration, could be hydraulically changed to a more shallow depth ie.

The prior approach is still in use but does not offer good control of material discharge, liquid manure deposits, preparation tillage, ground cover, moisture retention, seed bed preparation or depth of seeding. The prior approach is less desirable because on hard ground the wheels ride up onto the surface, the tools are not set deeper, and this results in shallow tool penetration.

On soft ground where the wheels ride deeper, hydraulic corrections can be made with use of manual hydraulics, but fine adjustments are difficult and continuous. Similar issues also exist within similar mobile tools such as sprayer booms, road side grass mowers, and other earth moving, working or discharging equipment.

In these other applications, both tool height and depth above the ground is to be controlled. The height and depth measurement for the tool as well as the control system used to the height and depth of these tools are improved by the present invention.

Recently, automatic depth control systems have been brought onto the market which control the extension and retraction of the implement carrier cylinders in order to hold a select depth.

Automatic depth control system for a

One such system is disclosed within U. Automatic depth control is controlled by a microprocessor in the tractor cab, sensors on the implement frame and power beyond valving for hydraulic corrections to maintain a given tool penetration.

Sensors for this system were depth gauge wheels. It is difficult to change depth settings on-the-go since selective depths are not programmed.

Automatic depth control system and method - BUCHL; ANDREW F.

Sensors are Piezo ultrasonic. Power beyond valving requires one of three separate and distinct manifold assembles, either gear pump, pressure compensated or load sensing.

This requirement for three separate and distinct valving manifolds for different tractor hydraulic systems is costly; also, the valving is in-line but cannot accommodate manual return flows. Thus, changes from automatic to manual or vice versa require a hoses to be reconfigured.

Thus, there is a need for a more efficient system that is more adaptable to on-the-go farming practices and offers better control of depths for operations on varying soil textures sand, silt and clayweather affect upon these soils, and control for various implements, applications, and field conditions.

The Console has a LED readout of the rolling average of depth in conjunction with a bar graph depicting variation from the set depth.

Further, a Controller uses a five position detente joy stick to select any of four programmed depths of tool penetration, plus a RAISE position. A Rocker Switch establishes working depths for temporary or permanent memory, with permanent memory made with a SET button. A toggle switch places the system in the RUN mode, where automatic depth corrections are made, or places the system in a HOLD mode wherein no hydraulic corrections can be made.

According to another aspect of the invention, there is a hydraulic integrated manifold that is located between the tractor hydraulics and the implement cylinders.An automatic depth controlled cutting assembly for a stump grinder includes a cutting assembly operatively attached to a stump grinder for engaging and grinding a stump, an actuating assembly to actuate movement of the cutting assembly relative to the stump, and an automatic depth control system cooperating with the actuating assembly to.

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