Benefits and creation of new elements

In combining them now, as a fantasy exercise, we might take a clue from Western philosophy, where the seven planets were the basis of the theory in Mediaeval alchemy that there were seven metals. As it happens, the five naked eye planets in Chinese astronomy were matched up with the five elements. In the adoption of the seven day week from the West, Chinese usage then assigns the five planets to the days of the week apart from Sunday and Monday, which are then named, obviously enough, after the Sun and the Moon. If we want to add two extra elements, then, the Sun and the Moon provide the slots for them.

Benefits and creation of new elements

Cities and towns across the province will also see an influx of public and private capital in land developments designed to meet housing demand and build up underused areas. All of these investments are poised to create substantial new wealth and strengthen the provincial economy.

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At the same time, many Ontarians may not share in the prosperity generated by these investments. Income inequality is increasing in the province as it is elsewhere in the Western world.

Benefits and creation of new elements

They include building community assets, increasing the local capacity for business incubation, and creating decent work as a means to sharing prosperity more broadly and equitably. CBAs are negotiated agreements between a private or public development agent and a coalition of community-based groups.

This coalition may include neighbourhood representatives, single-issue advocates, labour unions, social service agencies, religious congregations, faith-based groups and others.

Together, they give a voice to people in infrastructure planning and land development processes — especially those individuals who have been historically excluded or marginalized from these processes and decisions that affect them. Coalitions usually draw their membership and build their base for advocacy from neighbourhoods directly surrounding significant projects.

Spurred by a concern for the concentration of poverty in their neighbourhoods or cities 4they seek to maximize economic opportunities offered by development projects — particularly those subsidized with public funds. This paper explores CBAs attached to large-scale real estate or infrastructure developments.

It looks to the experiences of practitioners in other jurisdictions for lessons and cautions. It also considers how community organizers, public servants and developers can adapt this approach to their current realities.

The paper examines the structure of CBAs and the process for developing them. It will describe the leading examples, the current provincial landscape, and related strategic considerations before drawing some conclusions and identifying next steps.

Benefits and creation of new elements

It is timely research because Metrolinx and the Toronto Community Benefits Network have signed a Community Benefits Framework derived from the community benefits agreement model.

Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act. It was the product of many months of advocacy on the part of a broad coalition including the Toronto Community Benefits Network and its partners in labour, philanthropy, business, academe and other community-based organizations.

A Note on Methodology This research is informed by interviews conducted with 12 senior executives at 10 different organizations, including municipal government agencies and community and advocacy organizations in the U. The agreement outlines the benefits the community will enjoy from the project.

These benefits usually include some combination of jobs, training or apprenticeships, business opportunities as well as neighbourhood improvements. Where the development includes residential construction, affordable housing can be a benefit negotiated through this process.

Most agreements reflect the interests of people who are not already benefiting from economic growth, such as young workers, newcomers, foreign-trained professionals and low-income communities, and send opportunities their way. CBAs are represented by legally binding contracts that contain the following elements: Description of the parties involved; Description of the project affected by the agreement; List of the agreed-to commitments on the part of the developer; and, In the U.

Many local governments operated on the assumption that the faster and more easily developers could proceed, the faster depressed areas would be rehabilitated.Hi Chris, Great post. Webinars are also instant products, with many different forms of upsell.

One of the other benefits is that it is a product that you don't have to create beforehand, except for some slides. This topic summarizes the enhancements introduced in the SQL Server release of the SQL Server Database Engine. The new features and enhancements increase the power and productivity of architects, developers, and administrators who design, develop, and maintain data storage systems.

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To . Representation of the timeline of the universe over billion years, from the Big Bang, through the cosmic dark ages and formation of the first stars, to the expansion in the universe that. Increased Contracted Services. Landscaping contributes to the economy of a local community through the employment of contracted services such as landscape design, construction, and maintenance.

Heavier and heavier synthetic elements have been created over the years, with the most massive one being element , temporarily named ununoctium. But element has been stubbornly hard to create. After years of trying, researchers at the RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science in Japan said today (Sept.

26) they finally did so. The fifth Platonic Solid, the dodecahedron, Plato obscurely remarks, " the god used for arranging the constellations on the whole heaven" (Timaeus 55). That remark led the great astronomer Johannes Kepler () into an absurd series of speculations about how the orbits of the planets, whose nature for the first time he had accurately understood, corresponded to the Platonic solids.

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