Business sample questions

A business analyst BA defined the future state for a financial organization that aligns with the overarching vision. What is an example of a business objective contained in the organization's future state?

Business sample questions

The required rate of return for the investment is Which of the following events would decrease the internal rate of return of a proposed asset purchase?

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Decrease tax credits on the asset. Decrease related working capital requirements. Shorten the payback period. Use accelerated, instead of straight-line depreciation. An event that would decrease the internal rate of return would have to either decrease or extend the cash flows from, or increase the initial cost of, the investment.

Answer A is correct because a decrease in tax credits would increase the initial cost of the investment.

Business sample questions

The ABC Company is trying to decide between keeping an existing machine and replacing it with a new machine. The new machine has an expected life of 10 years. In deciding to replace the old machine, which of the following factors, ignoring income taxes, should ABC not consider? Any estimated salvage value on the old machine.

The original cost of the old machine. The estimated life of the new machine.

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The lower maintenance cost of the new machine. The original cost of the old machine should not be considered in deciding whether or not to replace it with a new machine. The original cost of the old machine is a sunk cost, i.

No safety stocks are held.IIBA Business Analysis Capability Sample Questions: A company has been using an application for several years but one component still involves manual data entry.

A project is started to automate this function that will impact several different business units. What is the business . Ultimately, customers are the only relevant judges of your business model. However, even before you test your model in the market, you can assess its design with 7 questions that go well beyond the conventional focus on products and market segments.

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Business sample questions

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