Capitalism and mercantilsm

Adam Smith Excerpts Chapter 22 That wealth consists in money, or in gold and silver, is a popular notion which naturally arises from the double function of money as the instrument of commerce, and as the measure of value.

Capitalism and mercantilsm

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What is the difference between mercantilism and capitalism? Mercantilism is fairly carefully defined, though there is some disagreement about particulars. In general, mercantilism is the idea that national wealth and power are come from the accumulation of gold, and the set of policies consistent with that idea.

Particularly, policies that encourage the profitability of domestic farms and businesses, that is, their accumulation of gold money. These policies lead to government granting of privileges including monopolies, government protection and enforcement of monopoly power.

It differs from socialism in that socialism uses control to minimize economic inequalities; socialism arose as a system to counteract the inequalities of mercantilism. Mercantilist policies are often justified as protecting domestic workers.

Using this Marxian meaning, there is no difference between mercantilism and capitalism. Ask a Progressive why capitalism is bad and he will describe why mercantilism is bad. On the other hand, a system of voluntary human cooperation spontaneously emerges when people have liberty to make their own decisions about their own lives and possessions, and a bit of security in their lives and possessions property.

In that sense, capitalism is a system of liberty while mercantilism is a system of privilege, government control, and very limited or no liberty.What impact did added capitalism and mercantilism have upon Europe?

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- Mercantilism is the economic theory that a nation's prosperity depends upon its supply of gold and silver, that the total volume of trade is unchangeable. This theory suggests that the government should play an active role in the economy by encouraging exports and discouraging imports, especially through the .

According to the theory of mercantilism, the colonies only existed to serve the interests of Britain. But it seemed as if Britain was abusing their right over the colonies. They enforced many policies such as the Stamp Act, the Townshed Duties, and the Tea Act which caused many problems for the. Is China Mercantilist?

"The fact that so much foreign money has been of the FDI variety has helped shield China from the kind of jolts recently administered to other Asian economies where a higher proportion of investment was indirect -- such as bank lending or stock portfolios.".

Capitalism and mercantilsm

Mercantilism is an economic philosophy built around exports and trade. A mercantilist economy tries to increase its wealth by maximizing exports and minimizing imports.

This school of thought. Get an answer for 'What was the impact of mercantilism on the European colonization of North America?' and find homework help for other History questions at eNotes. that predated capitalism.

Adam Smith, Mercantilism