Communalism essay

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Communalism essay

Short Essay on Communalism Article shared by: Short Essay on Communalism! The rising trend of communalism and the accompanying violence have created a feeling of insecurity among the religious minorities.

Muslims, Sikhs and Christians in particular, fear discrimination and confrontation in the days to come.

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The events between and in Kashmir, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Assam, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi give ample evidence and taste of the destructive outcome of the communal virus in its varied forms.

Oommen has suggested six dimensions of communalism assimilationist, welfarist, retreatist, retaliatory, separatist, and secessionist.

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Welfarist communalism aims at the welfare of a particular community, say, improving living standard and providing for education and health of Christians by the Christian associations, or Parsi associations working for the uplift of the Parsis.

Retreatist communalism is one in which a small religious community keeps itself away from politics: Retaliatory communalism attempts to harm, hurt, and injure the members of other religious communities.

Lastly, secessionist communalism is one in which a religious community wants a separate political identity and demands an independent state. A very small militant section of Sikh population demanding Khalistan or some Muslim militants demanding independent Kashmir were engaged in practising this type of communalism.

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Of these six types of communalism, the last three create problems engendering agitations, communal riots, terrorism and insurgency.A Gandhian Approach Communalism: Essays in Modern Indian History This week we shall begin by examining the movement led by .

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Main Causes of Communalism in India are as follows: Communalism has been a national menace, a mental disease and a big social evil.

The need is, everyone agrees, to eliminate this menace. For finding remedies, it is essential for us to identify the causes behind the presence of communalism.


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Communalism essay

Article shared by. Here is your essay on the Problems of Communalism in India.. The year was a turning point in the history of communalism in India in so far . communalism is a vicious circle.

Politics and communalism. Efforts needed to check communalism. It has become quite common nowadays to find news reports in the print and electronic media referring to violence between religious communities resulting in heavy lose of lives.

Communalism essay
Essay on “Communalism” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.