Compare and contrast brutus and antony s speeches crowd af

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Compare and contrast brutus and antony s speeches crowd af

WE learn from Professor Bonnell, in the preface to his second edition of the tenth book of " the Institutions," that Quintilian has been of late years extensively introduced into the German schools.

The occasion of the increased attention given to this great master both of Latinit and of the rhetorical art is the admira. While no writer after Cicero presents a more perfect model of purity and elegance, no author, not even Cicero himself, teaches in a manner so clear, so methodical, and so practical, the principles of composition and oratory.

The study of Quintilian, therefore, affords a rare opportunity of combining what is more immediately, with what is more remotely, useful; of getting knowledge which has a direct bearing on professional life, and of attaining a higher scholarship in the Latin language. Feeling the need of a Latin text-book for the Junior class somewhat different from any hitherto introduced into that part of our course, I was led by the example of the German schools, —an authority which in this day no classical teacher can question,-to make trial of Quintilian.

The experience of two years has shown not only that this author can be read with the advantages above suggested, but also that classes are better prepared by this study to take up the more peculiar and more difficult writers of " the silver age," and especially Tacitus.

For while in the general principles of taste, while in simplicity, naturalness, and directness, lie follows the models of the former age, he necessarily uses the diction, and falls in with the idioms, of his own time.

The interest and importance of the topics discussed in these two books will sufficieItly explain why these have been selected in preference to any others. That the student may readily learn their character, I have prefixed to the notes on each chapter l summary of the principal ideas embraced therein.

Compare and contrast brutus and antony s speeches crowd af

Whatever merit the present edition may possess, either in the text or the notes, is chiefly due to the labors of those German scholars who have for so many years devoted themselves to the clearing up of doubtful pointE both in the text and the interpretation of this author.

The most elaborate and most valuable edition of Quintilian which has yet appeared is that published at Leipsic in six volumes, commenced by Spalding and completed by Zumpt. The first volume of this edition was printed inand the sixth in ; the latter edited by Bonnell. Professor Bonnell has also published a very perfect edition of the text in the Teubner series of classics, besides a separate edition of the Tenth Book with German notes.

These eminent scholars, gathering up, and by their own researches greatly enriching all that had been previously accomplished in this work, have left little further to be desired in the elucidation of Quintilian.

The text here given departs but slightly from that of Bonnell above mentioned. The chief difference is in the punctuation; though even here the variation is but trifling.

The same peculiarity will be found in my edition of the Aeneid. Some few other deviations from the ordinary orthography of Latin books printed in our country will be readily detected, and doubtless have already become familiar through the constantly increasing use of German editions of the classics.

MOST of the representative writers of the so-called silver age were natives of Spain. That so many distinguished authors, each at that period first in his class, should make their appearance in a country but just now peopled with warlike barbarians, indicates a change in national character and pursuits, such as only Roman conquerors and Roman laws could have produced.

Indeed, the Iberians, or Spaniards, though the most obstinate of all the foreign tribes ever encountered by the Roman armies, and the most difficult to subdue, were, after their subjugation, imbued more rapidly and more thoroughly than any other European nations with the manners and civilization of their new masters.

The elder Seneca, even in the time of Horace, migrated from Cordova to Rome, and there took a high position as a teacher of rhetoric. And it was not without reason that the poet spoke of the Spaniard, even then, as the peritus Iber.

Merivale, that "the great Iberian peninsula was more thoroughly Romanized than any other part of the dominions of the republic. Annaeus, is properly assigned to the post-Augustan, or silver age, as his writings were published in the reign of Tiberius, though he alsa flourished as a teacher under Augustus.

In return for the boon of civilization Spain reared a noble succession of scholars and writers to infuse new vigor into the thought and the literary life of the mother country. Two of these Spanish authors, the two most widely known and most universally read, were Seneca, the younger, and Quintilian.

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