Essays on ponyboy from the outsiders

Looking at life as an outsider and feeling as though one is being treated as an outsider is a matter of perspective or point of view.

Essays on ponyboy from the outsiders

The unit 1 test is tomorrow.

Essays on ponyboy from the outsiders

Technology Education Assigned By: Walsh, Rod Students were introduced to Assignment 2: Assignment 1 should now be submitted as students have been given enough time to have it completed.

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Essays on ponyboy from the outsiders

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The quiz is made up of 20 MC. Math The unit 1 test is Thursday, October 4. Ball, Raylene Today students had their quiz. For their research project they have to chose their topic and fill it in on the form in Google classroom by Monday.

They will start research next week.Though I usually prefer science fiction and fantasy, reading The Outsiders was a phenomenal experience. The story line is good, but what sparked my interest is how S. E. Hinton, who was 16 at the. The Outsiders makes a valued point with this theme, which is that bravery is not about what class you belong to.

Bravery is more about individualism. After the fire, when Ponyboy was in the ambulance car and told the teacher accompanying him to the hospital that he was a greaser, the man was surprised and wouldn’t really believe him. Homework Assigned For Homeroom: November 16, Science Assigned By: Lundrigan, Huberta: Science test was today!

Remember to bring a new yellow duo-tang for Unit 2! A Murder Is The Murder Of Another Human Being With Malice Aforethought - There are many factors that can be attributed to the rise of violence in inner cities, such as living without a father, living in the projects or living in a community ripe with drugs.

Date: / / Test Material: The Hobbit, by J. R. R. Tolkien Results: A 14th dwarf named Feredor is a member of the party. The narrative is largely the same, except that there are no references to a "lucky number." Feredor is mentioned as surviving the Battle of Five Armies, but Oin is killed.

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