Human rights and child labor essay

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Human rights and child labor essay

Short Essay on Human Trafficking Article shared by Human trafficking is just another name for modern-day slavery, wherein the victims involved are forced, coerced and deceived into labour and sexual exploitation.

The figures are scary. Almost 6, 00, to 8, 00, women and children are annually trafficked across national borders.

Human rights and child labor essay

This does not account for the numbers that are trafficked within their own countries. Most human trafficking victims are actually duped into the trade by the false promises made regarding job opportunities.

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Many women from third world countries are lured into this trade with the bait of false marriages. Many of the victims are forced either directly with violence or indirectly with psychological blackmail into the trade.

Once they enter the countries of trade their passports are confiscated and with no money, no shelter, and no one to turn to they are left at the mercy of those who trade in human flesh.

It robs people of their right of freedom. The victims end devastated, demoralized and defeated. Those that suffer physical and emotional abuse and rape may never be able to live normal lives again. Those that are threatened live in constant fear and end being psychologically compromised.

The impact of human trafficking is chilling; and although, the brunt of it is faced by the victims, the nation suffers as a whole. Safety and security, the privileges of living in a free country are compromised.

India shows alarming rates of human trafficking. India has become a source, destination and transit country for men, woman, and children trafficked for forced labour and commercial sexual exploitation.

India has become a transit hub for human trafficking with estimated millions, victim to human trafficking. Trafficking in India is often disguised as migration, commercial sex or disgustingly even marriage. Women and girls are trafficked internally for commercial sex.

Children are subject to involuntary servitude as factory workers, domestic servants, beggars, agricultural workers and many times they are also sexually abused by their owners.

No crime can be worse than this. The child is mentally handicapped for the rest of his or her life. Hand embroidery factories mostly employ boys below the age of twelve.A Social Justice Issue Campaign: Child labor. Student’s Name. Instructor’s Name.

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A Social Justice Issue Campaign: Child labor. Child labor is a serious issue that needs to be addressed in many parts of the world to reduce mistreatment of young boys .

During that period, there were concerns regarding human rights such as the French treatment of Druze in their autonomous southern territory as peasants and prisoners (Paul, , p. 9). The French used the Druze as forced labor.

Instances of human rights abuses in such practices are clear and acute. Child agricultural workers frequently work for long hours in the heat, haul heavy loads of grains, are exposed to toxic pesticides, and suffer high rates of injury from sharp, dangerous tools. Apple Labor Issues Essay.

There is a company by the name of Foxconn based out of Taiwan - Apple Labor Issues Essay introduction. This company is well known for it’s electronic manufacturing and has been involved in numerous business controversies.

In the social work journal, Charities and The Commons, soon to be renamed The Survey, published Hine’s first extended photo-story “Child Labor in the Carolinas” “Some Human Documents.” The lead byline went to A.J.

McKelway of the NCLC inner circle with diminutive recognition of . Actually, it was based on women’s rights, such as abortion rights, child care rights, as well as other issues, including women’s recognition of unpaid labor, access to .

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