Maths gcse coursework read all about it

Wales is to follow the same course. Mr Johnson said qualifications could not be undermined by a few cheats who took their work from the internet. Coursework - or work done outside normal classroom conditions - was introduced when GCSEs replaced O-levels almost 20 years ago.

Maths gcse coursework read all about it

This kind of flexibility allows full research and study into each subject rather than simply focussing on getting lots of exams. Note that each exam board may have specific requirements.

This consists of projects, essays or other work done during the year which counts towards the final grade in the exam. This is ideal for students who find exams stressful. However home educated students sometimes find it harder to manage coursework.

This is because an independent person has to mark it. This suits some students, but not others. revising revision

This has helpful advice for anyone looking for a centre to take exams of any kind, or wanting to know about the different types of GCSE that can be taken by home educators.

There is general information, compiled by people from this list and elsewhere, on a new Wiki page about exams for home educators. Perhaps this is because it will be useful for future education or career options. But it is worthwhile doing as much research as you can. Some A-level courses can be taken without the relevant GCSE, and some vocational courses or careers do not require paper qualifications.

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There is little point putting a home educated child under pressure to take exams unless it is their own decision. The latter is only really appropriate for exam-only IGCSEs, unless you can find a suitable independent person qualified to grade coursework.

The advantage of using a correspondence course or enrolling at a college is that a tutor is available. They may be able to help more than a parent, and can grade work.

The disadvantage is usually the cost, if your child is under Most colleges offer free or inexpensive courses to those over Some colleges will not admit younger students, particularly if they are popular and likely to be over-subscribed.

Another advantage of a college is that they will often arrange the exam room. With a correspondence course you usually have to organise that yourself.

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This involves registering your child as an external candidate at a local school or college, at additional cost. It may be possible to register a child in a school part time with a flexi-schooling option, if the school allows this.

Books and tuition will then be provided and you will probably not have to pay an exam fee. If your child is approaching 14 and wants to take several GCSEs, you may want to consider a couple of years in a local school if you can find one which you like.

Some home educated children have followed this option and obtained excellent results. This is even if they have had no formal teaching prior to this age. You may also find some help at the TopMarks site.

Select age and the subject that interest you to find a list of useful resources. For instance, you can find past papers with sample answers for maths at the GCSE maths past papers site.

You may need to order others directly from the relevant exam board.

Maths gcse coursework read all about it

These offer some distance learning or tuition possibilities for those who prefer outside help with GCSEs. The styles and resources supplied vary, and may not be suitable for your child.5 Introduction It is an exciting time for Year 8 students. The options process is designed to ensure that all students have the opportunity to study a broad ra nge of subjects including the core subjects.

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Who was to blame for The Cold War. Designed to support all Year 12 students in the first year of taking A Level Business, our Flying Start Student Workshops focus on the core Year 1 teaching content and assessment skills.

Maths gcse coursework read all about it

However, if you wish to purchase a book, CGP's GCSE Mathematics: the Coursework Book is a useful guide. There are numerous websites designed to provide help with GCSE coursework. If you use such sources, you must declare your use of them. This file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology.

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Request an accessible format. If you use assistive technology (such as a screen reader) and need a version of this document in a.

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