Read write and think

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Read write and think

Writing Emotional Meaning Writing emotional meaning can be very difficult because most writers are so focused on getting information down on the page.

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Sometimes writing emotional meaning feels like juicing truth out of a rock. A very meaningful rock. Writing Emotional Meaning for Character Writers often get caught up in putting character details down on the page.

For some, this is the stuff of spreadsheets. I do not understand this, nor have I ever. Sure, if they like mumble rap instead of country, this tells me something about them.

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Some vague, mass market, cookie cutter thing. This is a pretty subtle difference. Keep in mind that your character has had a past, they have a present, and they are hoping for a future. Instead of just the facts about each of these, I want to know how your character is letting these things affect them.

For example, your character grew up in an abusive home.

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Instead of just detailing the abuse in flashback, surprise the reader. Maybe your character thinks of the treehouse where they escaped from everything.

read write and think

Or maybe they felt empowered in the midst of tragedy by making pancakes for their siblings before the mom got up and the day started on a bad note. An Example of Emotional Meaning If the character relates to this fact from their past with some nostalgia, or even fondness, there is richness there.

How do they think about the past? I was abused ever since I could remember. This is very factual. We get just the straight truth here.

Here are 365 Creative Writing Prompts to Inspire:

Now compare it to this one: Th smell of maple syrup always sets me off. I remember cooking as quietly as possible. Huddling everyone around the table. But instead of the fear, I remember watching everyone eat and smiling.

This character has a tough backstory. You can have the character react with the same level of complexity about their present and future. For example, they are about to receive a full-ride scholarship to an elite prep school.

All their dreams are coming true. But how else might they feel about it? Layer Emotional Meaning In Before You Need It The other day, I was reading a client manuscript about two best friends who really miss one another, because the main character moved away.

read write and think

Now, the writer has done a few things wrong here. First of all, if it really is a best-friendship, why does it take ten chapters for them to get on the phone after a traumatic separation?

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