The fault in our stars reflection essay

Common sense views of the world Widely held historical and scientific opinion Plausible moral principles [9] As a response to the problem of evil, a theodicy is distinct from a defence.

The fault in our stars reflection essay

This symbol moving between his dream and daylight self, however, was crucial at this moment. For years Jung had observed a sort of circular movement of awareness, dreams, visions, and new inner material round an as yet unclefined centre like planets and moons around a sun.

It was a strange rediscovery of what had once been called the "magic circle. But no one had ever seen the symbolism implied in the pattern. Some of Jung's women patients who could not describe it in words or paintings would even dance the magic circle for him.

And, as I was able to tell him also, the Stone Age man of Africa to this day does as well. Jung found this circular pattern such a compulsive, one is inclined to say transcendental, constant in himself and others that he started to paint it and to derive such comfort and meaning from it that for years he hardly drew anything else.

He called the process and the movement of spirit the mandala, taking the Sanskrit word for "circle," because by this time he had seen drawings by his patients that were almost exact copies of drawings used in religious instruction in Tibet.

When I told him how I had discovered that "mandala" was used in African Arabic also for spectacles, signifying thereby an enlargement and two-way traffic of spirit, he was visibly moved. He instantly told me how important a piece of evidence the discovery of the famous "sun- wheel" in Rhodesia had been to him, since it was perhaps the oldest visual representation of this pattern.

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I was able to tell him of other possibly older abstracts of similar and related patterns in an immense expanse of stone which had once been the bed of a river in southern Africa. This primitive confirmation as of the first primordial human witness to the truth of his own conclusions helped him greatly.

The fault in our stars reflection essay

Indeed, his own confrontation with the unconscious had ended with some superb paintings of mandalas. One called Window on Eternity, though painted long before his meeting with Wilhelm, is included in the "examples of European mandalas" accompanying The Secret of the Golden Flower, of which the dream magnolia was obviously an example.

It shows a flower, a diamond with light in the centre, the stars in their courses about it and surrounded by walls with eight gates, the whole conceived as a transparent window, constituting as complete a visualisation as imagination is capable of rendering of the whole of life and its meaning.

It was followed later, however, by another, the last of all the paintings in the Red Book, of the yellow castle. He always thought of it, as did I and those with me seeing it for the first time, as oddly Chinese.

Hence the name yellow, not only because it is the colour associated with the Chinese but also because it is the colour of resolution of the gold of being which both Chinese and European alchemists sought.

So without sacrifice of special meaning in terms of his own life and time, he returned to alchemy more zealously than ever before. Yet this return, despite the Chinese precept, was as difficult a task as any he attempted before. He bought all the modern books on the subject available and when these failed him went about the market-places to buy the work of long-forgotten alchemists in their original Latin, which he still read as easily as we do English.

He came to possess what I believe was the largest library of original alchemical books in Europe. But they all seemed at first obscure and meaningless, until he decided to treat them as some intelligence officer in a great war engaged in breaking the cipher, wherein the most immediate messages of the enemy were encoded in fragments of intercepted messages.

He wrote down carefully all the patterns of phraseology recurring most often and then he got it. Like the Chinese, the alchemists were his true authentic, however remote, forebears.

When the medieval church began to fail the questing spirit of Europe, as it did more and more from the first Christian millennium onwards, and such thread as it had with the living historical past appeared irrevocably cut, the alchemists had increasingly taken over the original quest.

Their persecutors, who accused them of being vulgar materialists in search of the wealth that was gold, could not have been more wrong.

Much of what they had done was inevitably achieved in secrecy and expressed with great obscurity for reasons of security as well as the originality and intractability of the material which confronted them.

But Jung, the code broken, soon saw the gold they were after was no common gold; the philosophers' stone they sought was no ordinary stone. They were trying to achieve through the external world with their alchemistry what he sought through his psychology.Reflection New Reading List.

Vote. YOU ARE READING. The Fault in Our Stars Fanfiction. Some extra, for all the people who enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green. Let me make this clear that this is not the original written by John Green, and this isn't even written by Reviews: From books and films to TV shows and video games, the last-man-standing trope is massively popular.

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Is it a reflection of our dog-eat-dog free-market ideology? For all our social discord we yet remain the longest enduring society of free men governing themselves without benefit of kings or dictators.

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